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Check out this leaked track from The IZM’s forthcoming CD ‘Rhyme Therapy Vol.1’

Produced by The IZM for Drowning Ophelia Entertainment.

Additional production by Travis Daniels for Trace Studios and Dave Jackson for Umbrella Coded Music Group.

Taken from the forthcoming LP ‘Rhyme Therapy Vol. 1’


thepunkandthereckless said: Why does it matter what race the people are? Shouldn't the only thing that matters is people are dying by the hands of the police and nothing is being done about it? Why does everything have to be about race?


Reread your own message. Who is dying by the hands of the police? Black people.. on purpose.. Black people are intentionally being killed by the police… Not “people”.. because this is happening at an institutional level in which specifically Black people are purposefully being killed, arrested and dehumanized by the police because they are Black. It’s really fucking simple, actually.  There’s a pattern— that’s why race matters. We— Black people— are all as en entire race in fucking danger that’s why race matters. Because it ISN’T just happening to “people”… it’s happening to Black people BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK. It’s not a coincidence.

Why would it not matter that one group of people is intentionally being killed..? They’re being killed by the police BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK.. LITERALLY. Why would it not be about race if Black people are specifically being targeted to be killed like why wouldn’t that be important… Why do you not want to involve race? Tell me if you see a pattern that would help you understand why it’s about race

It is about race, I’m not “making it about race”. Why don’t you want it to be about race when it already is…?






She cussed out the governor!
I live!


well, god damn.

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On the morning of George Zimmerman’s acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murder earlier this year, with the mainstream media raising the specter of riots, blogger Jay Smooth made a prediction: ‘The fundamental danger of an acquittal is not more riots, it is more George Zimmermans.’

There were no riots. There have been more George Zimmermans.

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